Air Pollution Monitoring

Breathing fresh air is everyone's dream in the midst of today's polluted atmosphere. Industries emit so many pollutants in air that breathing air is a distant dream; we hep industries in monitoring the various emissions like:

  • Stack monitoring
  • Fugitive Emissions.
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (AAQM) survey.
  • Combustion efficiency testing of boiler, fuel burning equipments, low NOx DG set monitoring.

Waste water/Process water analysis & Biological Testing

  • Horizon Services offers a wide range of tests on all types of waters meeting National & International requirements.
  • Water sample for potability checking: As per IS 10500:2012 & WHO guidelines.
  • Horizon Services undertakes analysis of influents, Trade Effluent, Sewage, Domestic water from soak pits, WTP, RO Inlet, Boiler blow-down, Air Handling units, Cooling Towers, Softener plants, Waste water from compressor, Waste water from Paint Booth, Scrubber water.
  • All parameters as per MoEF requirement & NABL scope for chemical testing using various EPHA and IS methods.
  • Horizon Services has Microbiological testing lab for the tesing of water, waste water & food samples. It is housed in hygienically maintained premises with separate with separate qualified Microbiologist.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing - All parameters as per IS/ASTM Standards.

Compost and Hazardous

Harizon Services undertakes analysis of solid, liquid, sludge, sediments.

Engineering consultancy services

  • Supply of ETP/STP/WTP/RO/DM Plants.
  • Adoption of latest treatment technologies.
  • Detailed Engineering.
  • Conceptual design, Process Engineering for designing of plants as per process requirements.
  • Site supervision for all engineering activities for proper & timely installing of system.

Operation & process maintenance of various treatement plant

  • Operations on round the clock for 24 X 365 days.
  • Preventive and brakedown maintenance of the plant.
  • Servicing & overhauling of treatement units.

Consultancy Setup

Onsite setup of environmental laboratry of testing various types of effluents.

Profeciency tesing provider NABL Accerdited

Profeciency testing provider for 17043:2015 NABL accerdited.

Consultancy services for all environmental legal compliance

  • Environmental Statement
  • Consultancy for Consent to establish & operate.
  • Consultancy for CGWA Clearance.